Incoming programs

In the framework of mobility Send deals with the organisation of an accurate hosting program for foreign citizens willing to spend a study period or a professional training experience in Sicily, and particularly, in Palermo.

Palermo has an ancient vocation to mobility and hospitality. Several peoples of any culture have inhabited it, letting these continuous and on going streams to contaminate Sicily, and re-creating afterwards an original mixture of art, culture and flavours.

The present-day Palermo is both a Mediterranean and European town, to live in the open air in every hour of the day: in the morning within local markets and in the evening in several street bars offering music, food and fun.

The seaside, mountains and climate give a lot of opportunities for walks, excursions, swimming and sports of any kind all the year round.

Send provides incoming mobility programs tailored on the needs of individual participant, with a specific attention to acquiring new professionalisms, to learning Italian language and to enhancing personal transcultural feeling.

Hosting an intern or a group of professionals for study or work visits, is an opportunity for hosting organizations, which have thus the possibility to introduce new skills and improving the staff's, enlarging international network for exchanges and future projects.


  • Young people in initial vocational training
  • People available in the labour market
  • Professionals in Vocational Education and Training
  • Employers and entrepreneurs

Incoming servicies

Send follows all the steps of a mobility experience:

  • Airport pick up (from/to)
  • Visa and permit of stay
    The entry of EU citizens in Italy is governed by the Schengen agreements which have created a common area of free movement between Member States.
    Non-EU citizens may enter Italy if they hold a valid passport or equivalent travel document authorizing them to cross the border and an entry visa delivered in their country of origin, if required.
    Upon arrival in Italy, they must apply for a stay permit which, however, is not required if their stay in our country - for visits, business, tourism or study – is for periods not exceeding three months. If the period of stay is longer they must apply for a permit of stay within eight days after their arrival in Italy. Send will support the participants into this compulsary procedures . For further informations, check the web site of the web site of the Italian Ministry of Interior
  • Food and accommodation
    Send provides private rooms with standard facilities; our flats are located within reasonable distance from work easy to reach by walk or by public transport. They are fully equipped and with cooking facilities. Laundry facilities are not always provided in the apartments.
    During short term projects hotels or B&B rooms will be provided.
    Participants must follow the regulations regarding the use of the accommodation. To ensure an enjoyable and comfortable stay for all participants, it is important to co-operate and respect common rules (cleaning, smoking, privacy etc) or in other words, exercise common sense and be courteous towards the landlord, neighbours and flatmates.
    The location of the accommodation may change according to the final working placement.

    An agreement including the accommodation rules and the payment for a deposit covering costs for damages caused directly by participant will be signed at the participant arrival. Deposit will be refunded at the end of the Mobility program when no damage is found.

    Food, usually, is not provided during the program. However within some sectors participant could be entitled to receive full / half board during the period of stay as well as accommodation – i.e. working in hotels and resort. And also, when requested, food will be provided according agreements.

    The pocket money provision may be arranged according to the project budget. Different arrangements are possible for pocket money allocation on a weekly basis, i.e. cash payments or restaurant vouchers.
  • Local trasportation
    Participants will be provided with individual bus (train) travel cards. Costs may vary according to the period of stay, age and status of participants. Details can be found on Palermo's web site for public transport.
  • Language course
    The language course is organised in co-operation with the International House of Palermo covering classes from beginner to advanced (proficiency) levels. International House’s teachers are trained to teach Italian language to foreigners. An entry test will help for addressing to the correct class level.

    It is recommended to attend at least two weeks course, at least 24 hours, giving basic communication skills and linguistic hints for everyday life and, where requested providing with specific terminology of professional sector.

    All necessary materials (documents, grammar exercises, music, video, literature texts) will be distributed by the course teacher. The use of linguistic laboratory and the internet is provided for the period of the course.

    It is possible to extend educational periods depending on the participant linguistic development and needs.

    Participant is invited to evaluate the knowledge of the Italian language level before arrival through the Europass Language Passport (describing language skills, necessary for learning and working in Italy/Europe).
  • Socio – cultural activities
    The cultural course is organized in cooperation with ECO Association: cultures and travel, a Sicilian cooperative dealing with responsible tourism. An expert guide accompanies participants in visiting the city, through the choice of specific and different itineraries that show the Palermitan artistic and cultural heritage as well as social and economic aspects of the town.
  • Monitoring and tutoring
    Monitoring and tutoring are provided through contact between our tutors, participant(s) and the co-ordinator of the project from the sending Institution.

    At the beginning of the program in Palermo of the mobility, Send tutors plan guidance interviews and group meetings aiming at understanding the participant/group expectations and educational / professional background, and then, choosing the most appropriate placements or most suitable study/company visits. Afterwards, participants have the opportunity to meet the company tutor too.

    Send offers to hosting organizations support in dealing with interns and trainees, guiding participants in the definition of tasks and making a good matching between the professional needs of both sides: trainees and companies.

    Send organises tutoring meeting with participants in order to monitor all aspects of the program: from logistics to training objectives.

    At the end of the period of stay Send arranges an evaluation meeting to measure the level of participant satisfaction, knowledge and skills acquired during the mobility period. The methodology is based on the participant self evaluation, guided through an interview aiming at highlighting the main aspects of the mobility experience and re – orientate individual future plans and professional path.
  • Certification of competences and credit transfer
    At the end of the programme all the successful participant will be awarded with:
    • Itaian language course certified by the International House released
    • Certificate of attendance with detailed information about the placement – number of completed working hours, role and specific tasks, proposed professional training project, development of the specific and crossing skills
    • Reference letters and/or certificate issued by the companies
    • Europass Mobility
  • Search for workplacement - Organisation of study and company visits
    The working experience in Sicily is an individual placement program, a real internship, specifically tailored according to the participant personal and professional needs, focusing on the development of new professional skills as well as the improvement of the Italian language.

    This working practice may last from a minimum of 20 to max. 35 hours per week, and the company will arrange the timetable within this range.

    Salary or payment is not included, but usually, full board could be provided when working in hotels and resort.

    Send, also, is in charge of the planning and implementing detailed programs based on company and study visits and meetings, lasting from one to six weeks. Usually in the program local public and private institutions as well as organisations are involved in the realisation of specific discussions and visits based on the training needs of participants.
  • Thanks to active cooperation with the economic and social institutional organisations present in the Sicilian territory, Send has developed workplacements, exchanges and company visits in all working areas.
  • These are some examples of the main sectors where we place our participants:
    • Tourism: participants will have the chance to develop their professional skills in different sectors such as Hospitality, Catering, Tour Operators, Travel Agencies and many other activities within this industry right in the centre of the main Mediterranean tourist region.
    • Cultural Services: this kind of internship is designed to respond to the professional needs within the Historical and the wealthy Cultural Heritage of Palermo’s city and Sicily, especially dealing with conservation, restoration and administration providing work experience within libraries, archives, museums, the organisation of cultural events, and Cultural Tourism sector.
    • Engineering and architecture: within the preservation and maintenance of the Cultural Heritage the participant can be placed in professional studio practising a valuable experience and developing strong analytical skills and good knowledge of architecture, engineering, restoration.
    • Restoration and handcraft: the huge historical heritage of Palermo offers the chance to practice in some of the handicraft laboratories and Public Administration dealing with its monuments and historical buildings along the city and Sicily.
    • Environment: this placement offers investigating problems, developing solutions, and working within multi-disciplinary sectors affected by the latest environmental requirements that pressure on companies, governments and organisations to adopt environmental practices. Sicily has an important amount of protected natural areas both marine and terrestrial being considered some of them (e.g. Reserve of Ustica) as the most important of Mediterranean area.
    • Agro alimentary: participants can develop their professional skills within the agricultural industry, especially in the olive oil and wine cultivation and production sectors of these Sicilian traditional products well known worldwide. They will have the possibility to practice in cellars, analysis laboratories, observing the whole process as well as in the administration and marketing levels.
    • Company management and business: this professional placement aims at improving a huge range of skills such as leading teams, coaching, business law, leadership, problem solving etc ... therefore participants will deal with Management Control, Marketing strategies, Enterprise Resource Planning, Activity-based Control, Knowledge Management and outsourcing.
    • Human resources: participants will get the chance to develop knowledge of HR and interpersonal skills such as dealing with elaboration of selection criteria, staff research, recruitment, employment, welcoming and insertion, training, analysis and assessment etc..
    • Information technology: this placement provides participants with all those skills that employers are looking for in order to expand and become more competitive companies across the world where most of the industries get skilled workers.
    • No profit sector/ Social service: a professional experience to become more effective within the community as well as the organizations. Special focus on jobs in social work, fund raising, mentoring, counselling, psychology, sociology, mental health, case management, employee assistance, volunteer management, substance abuse treatment, domestic violence, community development, youth development, immigrants rights development, child welfare, developmental disabilities, and all other areas of social services.
    • Language Teaching Assistant: participants could also be placed in Educational Institutions to support foreign language teachers if their professional path is within Education and Language Teaching sector.