Outgoing mobility programs

Send promotes international mobility activities within learning paths and cultural growth.
Living a period abroad gives the opportunity to improve knowledge and professional skills, thinking about professional life within a space not exclusively local.


  • Young people in initial vocational training (students of vocational schools and courses, apprentices and trainees): arrangement of training experiences abroad to practically try work-related activities connected to the professional study path, within companies or vocational training centres.
  • People available for employment in the labour market (employees or freelances, unemployed with or without a school leave certification): organisation of work placements within companies and vocational training centres aiming at improving knowledge and competences in a specific professional sector.
  • Experts in vocational education and training (staff responsible for vocational training and/or human resources, persons responsible for planning and managing professioanl training programs, trainers, experts in professional guidance, school workers, policy makers):
  • Companies visits: from a minimum of 1 to 6 weeks abroad to realise exchange of experiences and good practices, meeting within companies on particular issues relative to the participants' working sector.
  • Study visits are mobility activities on issues proposed by the European Commission to better understand the vocational training system, the labour market, and companies operating in the same market of participants in a different Country.
  • Training courses and seminars abroad: short (1 week) or long (till to 8 months) individual training periods targeted to initial and in-service educational, vocational training and guidance staff.
  • Employees and entrepreneurs: mobility experiences giving the opportunity to compare working and organisational contexts of the referent productive sector, to learn about the job market and the political and economic strategies of the Country visited.

Outgoing servicies

Mobility experiences are important chances of personal development thanks to the opportunity offered to meet different worlds, cultures and languages. Outgoing mobility projects are also instruments for local development, as territories of origin can be enriched by new competences, innovation in productive methodologies and a diffused intercultural consciousness.

Send involves local organisations public and private - in planning mobility programs aimed at creating a positive impact on the collective growth.

Specifically, send looks after the following activities:
  • Analysis of training needs
  • Development of the mobility program
  • Search of work placement
  • Preparation before departure
  • Language course of the destination Country
  • Cultural visits
  • Logistics (travel, visa and permit of stay, accommodation, food, local transportation, insurance)
  • Monitoring and tutoring
  • Evaluation
  • Certification of competences and credit transfer (Europass mobility - European Credit Transfer System)