Incoming program in Palermo
Incoming mobility programs are experiences SEND is devoting to participants from European and non-European Countries willing to spend a study or training period in Sicily, and particularly, in Palermo.

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Incoming mobility programs are experiences SEND is devoting to participants from European and non-European Countries willing to spend a study or training period in Sicily, and particularly, in Palermo.

SEND has developed about 850 incoming programs within international projects promoted by our European partners from Norway, Croatia, Spain, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Ireland, New Caledonia (France), Slovenia and Belgium developing internship and placements, study or company visits, and seminars in more than 500 local partners including private companies, NGO and secondary schools, in Palermo and Sicily.

WATCH the video produced by the EU Commission in cooperation with SEND ideated to spot VET international mobility and where we had the chance to show a successful internship run by @aitorcuervo realised within our incoming program in Palermo, granted under the ERASMUS + VET learning mobility. 

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Our activities are directed to:

- in general, students – school, VET and University level - young people, unemployed, NEETs, people available in the job market, workers, professionals and experts;

- in particular, SEND is focusing onto targets at high risk of exclusion, such as, women, young and adult migrants, children, the disabled, LGBTQ people, Sinti and Roma, people with addictions, prisoners, ex - prisoners and their families, people with psychological problems and any other kind of socio/economic and geographical disadvantage.


ERASMUS + - / ESF / National or regional mobility programmes

Learning Mobility for Individuals K1


SEND is a job agency and a centre for international mobility, working at National and International level, and promoting:

  • internships & placement
  • study & company visits
  • projects & seminars

SEND is looking for ANY EUROPEAN organisation willing to cooperate within international mobility programs under the EUROPEAN PROGRAM as ERASMUS Key Action 1- Learning Mobility of Individuals - learners and staff who want to experience a learning or professional program in Palermo.

In particular, we would like to widen our European network of contacts including NGOs, associations, co-operatives, schools and Universities, consortia, SMEs, public authorities and institutions, networks & consortia promoting ANY TYPE OF MOBILITY OF INDIVIDUALS. OurIncoming mobility programs are experiences devoted to participants from European and non-European Countries visiting Sicily, and particularly, in Palermo for a study or training period.

We can also support the organisation of study and company visits for international organisations interested in exchange ideas and practices, developing skills and improving competence, especially in relation to issues as social innovation and socio-working inclusion of young and adult migrants and European Project management and design. As an example, in the past 2 years we have developed career guidance and services for employability directed to young migrants alone (UAMs unaccompanied minors’ migrants in the European lexicon), thanks to national projects funded by government agency, and private foundations. In particular, SEND has improved its cooperation with local and national partners including different housing communities, non-profit organizations, foundations, schools, and in particular CPIA Provincial Centres for Adult Education.


Here follows the list of the working areas of local private companies and public organisations with which SEND cooperates and where our international participants experience internships, study and company visits:

- Communication: magazine design, marketing and advertisement, promotional and advertising agency, web design; graphic design; printing; journalism activating 139 programs;

- Hotel and hospitality: hotel, travel agency, tour operators, activating 118 programs;

- Education & Training: general secondary & VET schools and institutions, Universities, training centres, Public educational local authorities, Adult education Institutions, adult centre, activating 104 programs;

Technology & ICT industry: electric plans design, ABB robots programming, PLCs programming (Siemens, Omron), industrial communication, maintenance and assembly technology, computer assistance, milling machines, lathes or scheduling programs for machining - Process Engineering, Mechanic Production; Metallic construction; industrial and civil automation; telecommunications and computer systems; electronic production; Car Mechanics and repair, assembly and maintenance; java and games development; software house activating 88 programs;

Art & Culture and Architecture: creative design, drawing and illustration, interior design, photography, audio-video production, galleries, museums, event organisation agency, music production, tattooing, handicraft, professional studios, public administrations dealing with cultural heritage, protection and restoration, handicraft laboratories, activating 69 programs;

- Administration / retail / logistics: accountancy, human resources, back office, administration, trade and commerce, management, facility management, mobility management, retail shops, logistics activating 63 programs;

 - Environment & Agriculture: chemical science, microbiological or chemical analysis, and related green jobs, farms and city gardens, florist; Environmental protection/Environmental education activating 61 programs;

Fashion design:  clothing and textile sewing, tailoring and dressmaking activating 35 programs;

Food industry: confectionery, pastry, gastronomy, restaurants involving activating 29 programs;

Social integration: NGOs, housing communities, non-profit organizations, foundations, schools, and in particular CPIA Provincial Centres for Adult Education working with targets at risk of social exclusion and migrants activating 24 programs;

Beauty: Massage, waxing, body treatments, hairdressing, SPA activating 10 programs;

Social-care: early child education and care, social assistance activating 7 programs;

- European project management activating 4 programs;

Engineeringactivating 3 programs;

Healthcare:  physiotherapyprivate and public organisation taking care of people in needs of assistance activating 2 programs;

 - Pharmacy: activating 1 program;

Transversally, SEND is focused on the development of local activities and outgoing mobility programs related to the issues of European project management & design together with high interest on social innovation.


SEND provides incoming programs specifically tailored according to individual training needs and professional profile focusing on the development and improvement of technical and sectoral skills as well as the Italian language and culture. 

SEND is experinced in the organisation of study and company visits for professionals and experts as well as , internships & placements tailored on individual needs, with a specific attention to acquiring new professionalisms, to improving professional and technical skills, to learning Italian and foreing languages and to enhancing transcultural feeling.

Local and international partners involved in our programs have the possibility to introduce new skills into the organisation and improve staff competences, enlarge international network for business exchanges and future activities. 


In cooperation with the hosting company the internship/visit agreement is defined including timetable, from 20 to 35 hours per week, the working plan, tasks and duties of participant, hosting company and SEND tutors'. For visit a detailed program is developed in accordance with the request of the sending organisation abroad. 


Before the beginning of the incoming program in Palermo, our tutors work on the analysis of CV and motivation letter and a skype interview of each participantThis information is collected into the Individual Learning Plan or in the draft program for the visits and therefore sent to a list of selected hosting organisations/companies which will fit with the participant profile. This is our accurate to match with company matching.

At the arrival in Palermo, our tutors run individual interviews and group meetings aiming at understanding expectations of participan(s) and matching with the most appropriate hosting company.

We also take care also of logistics (travel, visas and permits, accommodation, local transport, insurance), and monitoring through contacts on whatsapp, telephone, periodical meetings and questionnaires with the participant, the hosting company and the sending Institution so to plan in advance possible and necessary adjustments.

Finally, an evaluation meeting is arranged to measure the level of satisfaction, knowledge and skills acquired; this methodology is based on career guidance through the participant self-evaluation, guided through an interview aiming at highlighting the main aspects of the mobility experience and re – orientate individual future professional and plans in an independent and autonomous way. Certificates and Europass Mobility will be finally provided.

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