Apricot Production Mechanization
LdV Vet Professionals - Turkish professionals in in the production of apricots

Duration of the project

3 weeks from March 14, 2011 until April 3, 2011

Number of participants


Description of participants

Governor of the District of Kuluncak, Director and Deputy Director of the Center for Adult Education of KuluncaK, Manager of the Department of Agriculture of the District of Kuluncak; Local Farmers involved in the Farmers Association Kuluncak

Programme Framework

Lifelong Learning

Sub programme

LdV - Mobility - Vet professionals

Reference number



Center for Adult Education KuluncaK of Malatya, TURKEY

Local Partner

Local authorities in the field of project, Universities and Training Institutions, Research Centres, Associations, Farms


Study visits and exchanges of experiences.

Objectives of the visits:

- Learn new techniques, tools and equipment used for the production of apricots (theoretical and practical), taking into account the rapid decline in resources for irrigation;

 - Reflect on the effectiveness of sustainable development, to acquire techniques that do not damage human health in the process of mechanization of the production of apricots;

 - Increase efficiency, introducing new methods and innovative tools to increase as new vehicle production, including organic farming;

 - Be more competitive by comparison with experts and manufacturers in Sicily, one of the most important in Europe in the production of apricots, to transfer Kuluncak possible innovations in the district;

 - Meet new market opportunities;

 - Meet a new culture and learn about EU citizens;