LdV- PLM Marketing, communication and journalism

Duration of the project

Three months from July to September 2008

Number of participants

12 young people looking for employment in marketing and communications

Programme Framework

Lifelong Learning - Leonardo da Vinci - Mobility - Placement

Reference number



 Twin Training and Travel Ltd - London - United Kingdom

Local Partner

Editorial office - Europe Direct - Euoropean Project  Planning Organization


Language Course The course consisted in an intensive 2 weeks course, of 24 hours. Frontal intensive lessons, with a mother tongue teacher specialised in teaching Italian to foreigners. The Beneficiaries have the opportunity to be introduced to the main grammatical rules, vocabulary, and to the main situations of a common and everyday life conversation, with particular regards to all the necessary vocabulary related to the field where they were going to carry out their internships.

Training activities The Beneficiaries started the working practice from the day after their arrival. Here are the tasks performed by trainees:

  • Translation of website content from Italian to English
  • Updating the daily agenda of cultural events in Sicily
  • Production of articles in Italian for the Magazine website on cinema, art, fashion and society
  • Research for Magazine journalists
  • Give presentations and presented some material for the public afternoon lectures on the political system in UK
  • Modify the web site of EuropeDirect
  • Document translations (general administrative work)
  • Support to commercial and marketing activities
  • Research plan for improving business of the Organisation and relative activities
  • Development of tools and materials: brochure and leaflet
  • Support to productive activities within Travel & Tourism and Cultural areas