MiS Move in science Modelling the European Science Teacher
Comenius Multilateral Project - The Project proposal is build on the need to develop competences and knowledge in the educational field of the INITIAL TEACHER EDUCATION OF SECONDARY SCHOOL TEACHERS OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY AREAS with specific reference to the PCK methodology.

The general aim of the project is to weigh on initial teacher education and, secondly, on in service teaching, of the scientific and technological areas so to make more attractive the perspective of scientific careers on the so called “hard subjects” for new generations. Specifically, the project will aim at:

  •  creating a working group at European level composed by trainers of prospective teachers, teachers of science and technology areas, which will develop an educational approach based on Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK) development diffused to institutions dealing with initial teacher education (secondary school level);
  • testing on training paths for prospective teachers of the partner institutions the initiation, by means of a seminar-like methodology, of research groups involving at the same working table teacher trainers, prospective teachers and in service teachers (target group);
  • elaborating, publishing and diffusing of the HANDBOOK including pedagogical materials for the PCK development, published on line;
  • realising experimentation and exchange paths of the PCK development among prospective teachers of science and technology areas through mobility actions abroad.


The project will contribute to enhance the idea of International co-operation among education institutions and mobility of Science and technology prospective teachers, improving initial teacher education for secondary school and allowing for a better and more motivated teaching/learning in Science and Technology areas. Improving the quality of teaching these subjects so to make learning more attractive and improving the dissemination of the project outcomes through the publication of a Comenius seminar.

Duration of the project

2 years from October 2007 to September 2009

Description of participants

Future teachers of science and technology

Programme Framework

Lifelong Learning - Comenius - Multialteral Project


SISSIS University of Palermo, Sicilian multidisciplinary University School of Specialization for the teaching at Secondary School


Comenius University Bratislava Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics, Slovakia 

RUHR-UNIVERSITÄT BOCHUM - Fakultät für Physik und Astronomie - Lehrstuhl für Fachdidaktik der Physik - Germany 

Andrei Saguna University - Costanta Romania 

Modern Didactics Centre and the Faculty of Physics and Technology at Vilnius Pedagogical University - Vilnius Lithuania

Arteveldehogeschool - University College Artevelde - Gent Belgium


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Handbook on the PCK methodology


  • Modelling mechanical wave propagation: from observation to descriptive and interpretative models
  • Mathematical labyrinth and Quartette card game as the example of adidactical situation
  • An introduction to the "fourth" state of matter: plasmas
  • Atom theory: from theory to the conceptual experiments
  • Exploring alternative pupil concepts in the classroom using concept cartoons and conceptual experiments with cheap material
  • Programming and examination of a data base that would register the information from an institution

Mobility activities

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