European tenders
Training Course for Entrepreneurs - Regional Catalogue of in service Training. The course is aimed at professionals interested in Sicilian develop skills necessary to work within the procedures related to public procurement in Europe. The harmonization of procedures for the award of an important opportunity to increase productivity and competitiveness of the Sicilian economy. Teachers: representatives of DG Internal Market and Services and DG Europe Aid, OPOCE, and manager of consulting firm

Duration of the project

From 3 October 2008 to 22 November 2008

Description of participants

20 participants, including executives, managers and business men of all public and private sectors interested in knowing the rules, procedures and tools of public procurement in Europe.

Programme Framework

Regional Catalogue of in service Training




Training course of 64 hours structured as follows:

  • Institutional and regulatory framework of the EU (4 hours)
  • Public procurement: EU and national law (4 hours)
  • The procedures (8 hours)
  • European public procurement and the information society (8 hours)
  • Economic evaluation processes for competitive international contracts (8 hours)
  • The tender for works / services / supplies: practical training (8 hours)
  • The tenders in third countries (8 hours)
  • The public-private partnership (8 hours)
  • Project financing in the field of public procurement in Europe (8 hours)
  • Green procurement (8 hours)