MAKE 2: Mobility Abroad for Knowledge & Experience
LdV - IVT - Network and software system

Duration of the project

4 weeks from 31-03-2012 to 28-04-2012

Number of participants

6 students attending a vocational school in the field of the project

Programme Framework

Lifelong Learning

Sub programme Reference NuMBER

Leonardo da Vinci - Mobility - Initial Vocational Training

Reference NuMBER



Galway technical Institute

Local Partner

IT consulting companies


Training activities: The Beneficiaries started the working practice the day after their arrival. The period of their internships lasted until their departure. Here are the tasks performed by trainees:

  • Build a Web Browser using webview and get the browser to refersh every 3 seconds

  • Parsing HTML to look for a specific HTML tag

  • Installation of hardware and software, operating systems, programs for education needs for schools and universities

  • Building of networks LAN

  • Installation of wireless connection, security systems, cameras and alarms