WAFER Grundtvig seminar Program and preregistration In service training
Send is glad to promote the International Seminar WAFER: Waiting for Erasmus for All As you know Palermo 7 - 11 May 2013. From 2014, the EU programmes for education, training, youth and sport will be grouped in a single one, lately re-called YES Europe:“ Youth Education and Sport.

The will to increase investment in training and education, giving new impetus to mobility stands among the programme main purposes. The seminar comes within this framework, from the need to build a learning path for professionals who, for various reasons, have experienced mobility learning programs.

 The aim of “WAFER” is to strengthen professional identity of individuals engaged in the management of mobility and provide opportunities for learning and exchange methodologies and tools developed in the two programmes for future unificatiON.

Participants will have the opportunity to widen the international network meeting other organisations dealing with mobility activities under the EU

The seminar is published on the Comenius-Grundtvig catalogue IT-2013-938-002




You can apply fo a grant, asking for a funding at your Grundtvig National Agency

Deadline for submitting grant application: 16 January 2013

Grant will cover costs including: seminar fee, travel, subsistence and language preparation.


The steps to receive a grant:

  1. On line pre-registration at HERE (deadline 14 January 2013)
  2. Receive from SEND the acceptance of your pre-registration
  3. Submit your application to your LLP National Agency together with the acceptance (deadline 16 January 2013)(click here for the NA's list)
  4. Contact us and confirm your participation (deadline 15 March 2013)



May 7

9.30 Registration of participants

10.00 Welcoming speeches

10.30 The first 25 years of mobility in Europe

11.00 YES EUROPE the new programme for education,training,youth and sport

11.30 Presentation of WAFER LdV VETPRO

12.00 Open discussion

13.00 Lunch

15.00 Cultural visit around Palermo


May 8

9.30 Moving in Europe to become UE Citizens

10.00 The quality tools of the Youth Program

10.30 Examples of good practice shown by organizations deal with youth projects.The management of projects,innovative measures implemented in the program:exchanges,EVS,youth projects and democracy;youth in the world, the Youth Forum,networks.

11.30 Round Table:what and how to transfer into the new program

12.30 Lunch

15.00 Study visit to local youth organizations


May 9

9.30 The European dimension of the Education

10.30 The quality tools of the LLP Program

11.00 Examples of good practice shown by organizations deal with LLP projects.The management of projects, innovative measures implemented in the program:Erasmus PLM,Erasmus for staff,Comenius Assistenship,Grundtvig in service training

11.30 Round Table:what and how to transfer into the new program

12.30 Lunch

15.00 Study visit to a school involved in LLP projects


May 10

9.30 Learning mobility and labour market

10.30 Mobility:a tool for local development

11.00 The quality tools of the LdV

11.30 Local policies to encourage mobility in UE

12.00 The involvement of SMEs in mobility activities as a training tool

12.30 Round Table:what and how to transfer into the new program

13.15 Lunch

15.00 Study visit to local SMEs involved in mobility activities


May 11

9.30 The UE dimension of Sport

10.00 Social inclusion in and through sport

10.30 Presentation of Mediterraneo Antirazzista local football championship involving migrants,young people at risk and civil society

11.30 The democratic dimension of the mobility towards a more political Union

12.00 UE responsibilities on education in a time of crisis

13.00 Conclusion