ARCHE project in Sicily: cultural heritage and restoration
SEND in collaboration with AutonomeForme | Ricerca e Progetto and ABADIR the School of Fine Arts and Restoration, created a training path, an online archive and a program of international mobility.

The training path organized also with the support of the Soprintendenza of Palermo and the collaboration of Geolab and Sirgum and was developed through the:


• Workshop on "the situation of the conservation and protection of historic monuments in Sicily" by AutonomeForme in ABADIR - 23 April 2012;


• 91 hours professional training in restoration of stone elements, in Aiutamicristo - Palace, Palermo, from April to May 2012;


• Study Conference on "Diagnostic techniques of the degradation of stone materials and of the art and monumental assets", in Geloab/ABADIR - 23/25 July 2012.


The online archive - www.archesicilia.it - includes a reasoned selection of construction materials and elements to be restored and renovated, a catalogue of building materials from historic buildings, a bibliography focused on materials and techniques applicable within restoration. Tomasello s.r.l. Pavimenti, la Casa Museo Stanza al Genio and l'Accademia di belle arti e di Restauro ABADIR have already contributed to the publication of the archive.


The International mobility, targeted to 10 professionals of the area of restoration and protection of cultural heritage, from Germany, visits and workshops were planned, from 22 to 28 April 2012. In particular:


• Workshop on "the situation of the preservation and protection of historic monuments in Sicily" by AutonomeForme;


• Visit of the industry for production of antique flooring, Tomasello s.r.l. Pavimenti;


• Visit of the archive museum of old tiles, the Stanza al Genio;


• Workshop on the restoration of stone elements, in Aiutamicristo Palace;


• Workshop on "the Plan for restoration of the historic city centre" ad guided visit by AutonomeForme;


• Visit of the garden and of the architectural structures, in collaboration with the Municipality of Palermo and CO.I.ME (Municipal Construction Project Management Unit), in Teatro di Verdura;


• Visit of the Villino Florio in Palermo;


• Visit of at the laboratories of wood, painting ad paper restoration, in ABADIR.


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