Social Lab Approaching European Social Solutions
LdV - Mobility placement - PLM - Phsycology, sociology, third sector, community service

Duration of the project

from 01.03.13 to 31.05.13 n of weeks 13

Description of participants

6 people from Portugal available in the labour market: phsycologists, social assistents, sociologists

Programme Framework

Lifelong learning

Sub programme

LLP - Leonardo da Vinci - Mobility - People in the Labour Market

Reference number



Vida+Viva | Associação Animam Viventem

Local Partner

Public organizations and associations dealing with fostering, community service, migrant care, children "at risk" care


Language course: The course consisted in an intensive 2 weeks course, of 40 hours. The course has been structured as follows: Frontal intensive lessons, with a mother tongue teacher specialised in teaching Italian to foreigners. The Beneficiaries have the opportunity to be introduced to the main grammatical rules, vocabulary, and to the main situations of a common and everyday life conversation, with particular regards to all the necessary vocabulary related to the   professional field where they were going to carry out their internships.  

Cultural course:The course was organized by Send, in cooperation with touristic guide specialized in cultural and touristic tour in Palermo and Sicily. The group had 2 different touristic tours in palermo city centre

Training activities: The Beneficiaries started the working practice the day after their arrival. The period of their internships lasted 13 weeks until their departure.