LdV - Transfer of Innovation Preservation of European architectural history through the establishment of Building Archives and transfer of knowledge about heritage conservation and restoration workshops for relevant professional.

Duration of the project

From October 2010 to September 2012

Number of participants

100 restorers and craftsmen

Programme Framework

Lifelong Learning Programme

Sub programme

Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation

Reference number

LLP-LdV-TOI-2010-DE-147 327


Förderverein für Handwerk und Denkmalpflege e.V. -Rittergut Trebsen (Germany)Partner


Wisamar Bildungsgesellschaft mbH (Germany) - ASSOCIAZIONE LEPIDO ROCCO (Italy) - Säästva Renoveerimise Infokeskuse Paide Ühendus (Estonia)”Send” Associazione di promozione sociale (Italy) - İstanbul İl Milli Egitim Mudurlugu (Turkey)

Local Partner

Autonome Forme is an association of architects specializing in the field of architectural design and landscape.


In the project there are three basic ideas: 1. Preservation of the cultural assets  2. Professional formation and further education  3. Sustainability

 Every project partner has to establish an archive. There, the historical building materials, objects and tools are collected, registered, documented and archived and opened to the public. Thus, a permanent and secure place for the protection of mobile cultural assets is set up. The collected items can be used in the formation and further education in the area of restoration and monument preservation. A room for workshops and seminars on restoration and conservation of historical building materials will be established near the exposition. The contents of the seminars are developed within the project considering the European diversity of professional formation and further education in monument preservation. The archive with its possibilities for further education is going to be a basis for investigation, development and comparison of innovative techniques in the area of mantainance of historical buildings on an European level. Moreover, it is the aim of the archive to reuse historical materials and to find an innovative way of treating old and valuable building materials.