TVET teachers
LLP - Leonardo da Vinci 2 weeks PLM: Training TVET teachers to identify and teach students that rpresent ADHD AND/OR ASC syndrom

Duration of the project

FROM 28.04.2013 TO 11.05.2013 N OF WEEK 2

Number of participants

10 teachers from Romania

Programme Framework

LLP Leoanrdo da Vinci Placement project: 2 weeks program


-establishing some modalities of identification of the students suffering from ADHD and/from ASC

-acquiring of some work methods with the students suffering from ADHD and/or ASC that should be used in specific fields of activity, with direct effect upon students’ professional training and their preparation for continuing their studies or for their placement on the European Union labor market

-increasing of teachers’capacity of using the new acquired competences in the teaching process, according to their teaching field

-improvement of the work competences having in view the methods and strategies of integrating these students in the normal educational process, through innovation transfer and adapting the specific linguistic and cultural knowledge at the needs of the Romanian educational system;



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