MEDIAMO: Ipsia Medi in mobility activities
Ldv - IVT - Electric-Electronic, Mechanical-thermal, Clothing and Fashion and Social Services. Mobility program for students attending a course of initial vocational training, at the school Medi of Palermo. The mobility paths are organized in each of the sectors in which the school is organized.

Duration of the project

From June to September 2011

Description of participants

The project involves 57 students

Programme Framework

Lifelong Learning Program

Sub programme

Leonardo da VInci Mobility IVT

Reference number



Training School "MEDI"


France, Spain, Ireland, Germany.

Local Partner

Idrambiente srl; C.E.I.R. service srl; Indomar Auto; Casartigiani Palermo; Silvia Tessitore srl; Associazione "Crescita civile"; Associazione A.FaDi Onlus; Idea srl


The program includes:

- A language course of 20 hours before departure

- A language course of 20 hours during the stay abroad

- Cultural visits abroad

- A period of vocational training in a company or a training institution. In particular placements    abroad have a duration of 15 days and are divided as follows:

- 17 students of the Electrical-Electronic, Ireland to Cork

- 10 students of the Fashion-Fashion, France to Bordeaux

- 12 students of the Thermal-Mechanical, destination Leipzig Germany

- 18 students of the Social Services, in Seville Spain