DJ Diversity on the Job
SEND in partnership with Articolo 3, Homosexual Association participate to the DJ - Divesity on the Job promoted by UNAR Equal Opportunity Department - National Office on Against Racial Discriminations with Italia Lavoro s.p.a..

Duration of the project

From September 2014 to December 2014

Number of participants

1 girl and 8 boys

Description of participants

Sicilian people at risk of discrimination for their sexual orientation or gender identity. 

for the construction of three -month company internship and career and awareness guidance path called "JOB ALL". See the program


Programme Framework

"DJ - Diversity on the Job" promoted by the Department of Equal Opportunities UNAR - as part of the ' experimental program of intervention for the promotion of the employment of discriminated and disadvantaged people within the NOP " Governance and System Actions " 2007-2013 - Ob.Convergenza.




Articolo 3 Hmosexual Association


3 months of internsheet - guidance and dissemination activities