LdV - Transfer of innovation - Sex discrimation on the labour market The general aims of the project are to improve the situation of women on the labour market and change the SMEs attitudes towards women. The target group comprises unemployed women, women after maternity leave but also university women graduates looking for jobs. Furthermore, the additional target groups are SMEs and

Duration of the project

From December 2008 to December 2010

Description of participants

Women employed, unemployed, on maternity or parental leave. Employers and / or human resources managers of Small and Medium Enterprises

Programme Framework

Lifelong Learning Programme

Sub programme

Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation

Reference number



Akademia Ekonomiczna im Karola Adamieckiego W Katowicach ( Poland)


1) Alvit – Innovation and education Ltd ( Czech Republic) 2) Associazione NET Networking Education and Training ( Italy) 3) Wisamar Bildungsgesellschaft mbH ( Germany) 4) GIP-FAR (France)

Local Partner

Associazione Un'Altra Storia - Coordinamento Donne “Il Laboratorio delle Idee” della Fisac CGIL di Palermo


Workshop and conferences – Handbook – Training Modules

The main intention is to transfer measures, e.g. knowledge about the problem in partner countries, to raise awareness in the SME sector and to achieve the following objectives:

  • to provide unemployed women and women after maternity leave with additional skills and knowledge in order to help them re-enter the labour market,
  • to support and motivate women graduates and give them orientation to the current employment requirements, and to foster gender equality,
  • to provide assistance for women who want to work in positions not regarded typically feminine.
  • accompany the change of some representations and attitudes about gender equality – for women and men, VETs and SMEs
  • propose a training program for VETs and SMEs to raise their awareness on this topic and to help them to implement gender equality in their daily practices.