My internship in Europe: international traineeships with Youth Guarantee
SEND organizes a professional guidance program to back you in: - Analyze your training needs and develop the mobility program - Search for the foreign company for the internship - Prepare to departure -Organize the logistics (travel, visas and permits, accommodation, local transport, insurance). In particular, the path includes group and individual meetings. When abroad, during the training period, you can rely on SEND tutoring and at the end, re-plan together your professional future.

My Internship in Europe

Internships abroad through a professional guidance path


Young people between 15 and 29 years old, who are not working, not studying nor attending a job-training course and being a citizen of the Youth Guarantee target country .


SEND is a promoter/operational company within Youth Guarantee

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"My Internship in Europe"

1st group meeting "Why having a traineeship abroad" 9:30 – 18:00

- registration to course

- presentation of SEND

- presentation of participants

- planning a traineeship abroad: definition of professional project (objectives, sectors, profiles, interests, companies, city)

- why having an experience abroad

- international mobility with Youth Guarantee

- building your Personal Brand

- curriculum vitae in other languages and motivational letter


2nd group meeting "Searching a traineeship abroad" 9:30 – 18:00

- how to find a company abroad

- living and working in Europe: detailed study on destination countries

- analysis of interest companies in the chosen city

- conducting an interview


Individual meetings:

- collection of job-posting available in the city the chosen city

- communicating with the company

- heck of answers from companies

- signing of agreement and training programme with the foreigner company and starting of your traineeship abroad



- preparation to departure

- logistics

- traineeship kick-off

- remote tutoring

- ending of traineeship, final evaluation e re-definition of the new training programme

- EUROPASS certification