11 aprile 2015

Preparation to the program in Palermo

IMPORTANT: Information about Palermo and the program, list of necessary documents and administrative steps before arrival

Dear participant,

you are kindly asked to read carefully these indications and provide necessary documents!

!!all documents must be valid for the entire duration of the program!!

6 weeks
before arrival in Palermo forward to e mail

  • CV (download model)

  • Application form and motivation letter (see annex below)

  • Definitive flight schedule

4 weeks before arrival in Palermo, the following documents must be sent - via express mail to:

SEND Via Roma, 194 - 90133 Palermo ITALIA

  • travel card form (see pdf annex below)

  • 2 copies of personal picture/photo (driving licence format)

  • 4 copies of passport or Identity Card

  • 2 copies of the student card (if this is the case)

  • 1 copy of Codice Fiscale (follow indications below)


During the program in Palermo, participant must provide the following documents:

  • 2 copies of health care card for E.U. citizens

  • 2 copies of Third Party Liability insurance (look for definition here - In Italy any National or International trainee must be covered by this insurance. SEND can provide it when it is not by the sending institution)

  • 2 copies of Codice Fiscale*

  • 2 copies of passport or Identity Card

  • 2 copies of the student card (if this is the case)

  • 2 copies of the "Bilateral agreement between the beneficiary and SEND"


*Codice Fiscale: apply for "codice Fiscale" before the realisation of a placement/internship experience. This procedure can be executed directly in your home Country. The "codice fiscale" (italian) is the tax code which identifies a citizen in all dealings, not only of fiscal nature, with the Italian public authorities and other administrations. Information and requested documents at Agenzia Entrate - Please apply at Italian Embassy or Consulate.

"Bilateral agreement between the beneficiary and SEND": It is a contract between participant and SEND referring to rules and behaviour to follow during the program. 

A deposit of 250,00 € will be requested for any possible damages occurred to the flats during the stay in Palermo. Deposit will be given back before the departure and after a check flat/room.




  • All rooms are twin/shared rooms; groups may be also lodged into B&B

  • A housing deposit of € 250,00 will be taken as security against any damage (Bilateral Agreement)

  • All accommodation is of a comfortable standard

  • Internet may be included

  • Accommodations will be in the city centre


    What to expect on Arrival


  • will be provided with the INAIL: Compulsory Italian Insurance for accident at work for trainee and worker

  • will be met at the Airport by taxi driver: taxi driver(s) will wait at the departure lobby (first floor of the airport) in front of the elevator with a sign SEND. As driver(s) will be reserved, in case your flight is late, please inform us with an sms about your delay.

  • will be transferred to Accommodation (airport transfer at end of programme also)

  • be provided with a information pack including map of Palermo, some leaflets, restaurants and other useful tips for your stay in Palermo

  • will attend an orientation meeting, next day of the arrival

  • will be accompanied by our guide to visit Palermo: this is for practical as well as tourist/cultural purposes as we will show you where you can find supermarkets, train station, relevant bus stops, and relevant areas in town etc ...)

  • will also be taken to Italian classes (Send can provide an italian language course at different levels of competence thanks to our partnership with the International House Palermo, Language school)

  • will be taken to your work placements by a staff member and introduced to the relevant manager

  • communication will be maintained between participant, host companies and sending institution at all times

  • certificate of attendance will be issued with upon successful completion of the program


Bring with you any medicine that usually take for allergies, cold, any common or specific illness!

Bring with you some professional clothes: dress professionally, regardless of the work environment!


Elena MILIO mobile: 0039 3402460112