17 dicembre 2018

Call for Hosting Organization

1 Mobility Consortium, 15 Italian Universities, 3 Italian organizations , 179 traineeships for HEI staff and students, 33 countries around Europe, 1 bridge between Higher Education and Labour Market, these are our numbers for Social Innovation. Do you want to be part of this? Send Mobility Consortium is now looking for hosting organizations!!!!

Send Mobility Consortium is looking for private or public organizations/enterprises/companies, Higher Education Institutions and research Institutes which operate in the Social Innovation field to cooperate within “UNIVERSITIES FOR EU PROJECTS”.


This is a project developed under the ERASMUS + Higher Education individual mobility programme aiming at creating a strategic alliance between Italian Universities and European organizations, companies, enterprises and Higher Education Institutes.


What is about? The project is carried out by the Mobility Consortium, coordinated by SEND, a job agency and international mobility centre, in partnership with 15 Universities from 9 Italian Regions and 2 organizations, the Foundation GaragERASMUS and the business incubator ARCA. The Consortium is accredited for three years (2018-2021) by the Italian National Agency INDIRE.

It has 3 years experience in mobility projects for traineeship addressed to University Students. Since 2018 the Consortium activities are also addressed to Staff of Higher Education Institutes (teaching and non teaching staff). The project foresees the implementation of n.165 traineeships for Students and n. 14 training periods for HEI staff.

Who is part of the Mobility Consortium SEND? The Consortium includes one coordinator SEND, a job agency and mobility centre, two intermediary organizations which are the Foundation GaragERASMUS and the business incubator ARCA, and 15 sending Italian Universities.

What are we looking for? Public and private organizations/enterprises/companies, Higher Education Institutions and Research Institutes, based in one of the 28 UE member states plus Island, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Norway, interested to internationalize their staff and enriching their know-how, by offering a traineeship experience to students and /or a training periods for HEI staff in the field of Social Innovation. Both students and staff come from the Universities, which are part of the Consortium.

What does Social Innovation stand for? Social Innovation is a wide growing sector at European level, which includes different professional profiles such as the project manager, the management engineer, the financial administrator, the responsible in communication, the sociologist, the psychologist, the business consultant, the fund- and people-raiser, the social influencer, the computer scientist, the architect, the graphic and web designer, the expert in international and European law etc... In other words, it includes all the jobs which trigger positive social and economic changes within the local community

Why join? Hosting a young student or a HEI staff is a great opportunity to enrich the skills and the know-how of your organization in the field of Social Innovation with trained resources, specialized in the different fields. Moreover, this is a chance to internationalize your staff, as well as to foster the mobility in Europeand the cooperation between Higher Education and the labour market.

The trainees are University students (first, second or third level) or recent graduates or teaching and non-teaching staff of Higher Education Institutes, motivated in spending a training period abroad and in developing their skills and competences.

What are the costs? All costs will be covered by the project. Participants are granted by “UNIVERSITIES FOR EU PROJECTS” funded by the ERASMUS + _Higher Education individual mobility programme. The Grant covers travel, subsistence and insurance costs. In addition, we gives further services: we deal with the matching between the trainee and the hosting organization and we provide our trainees with a preparation before their departure such as languages and competences assessment. The organization has just to agree with the selected candidate his/her learning agreement.


What are the duties? The SEND Mobility Consortium will deal with all the phases of the mobility : it finds the right candidate/s, prepares the trainees before their departure, monitors and evaluates the mobilities, gives general support to the organizations and the trainees and provides tutoring to the students. The Hosting Organization has just to follow three simple duties: before the mobility it has to agree and sign the Learning Agreement with the trainee and the University, he/she belongs to; once the mobility is started it has to fill in and send the Letter of Arrival, which proofs the beginning of the traineeship, and at the end of the mobility it has to fill in and sign the Traineeship Certificate. That's all : ) !


Duration of the project: till 31 May 2020

Duration of the mobility:

FOR STUDENTS: 3 months for students with possibility to extend the traineeship period,

FOR HEI STAFF: min. 2 days max. 1 month for training activities (i.e. jobshadowing, observation period, trainings etc...)

How to participate? Fill in the Hosting organisation on line form with the data of your organization and the vacancies offered by the 25th January 2019. Once you have filled in the online form, we will include your organization's contacts and vacancies in our database. This will facilitate the matching process between you and the eligible candidates.


For further information, see our videoIf you still have any questions contact our staff at


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