Free Movement of Ideas and People for a Borderless Europe

Since our foundation, we have been committed to the realization of cooperation and mobility projects with the intention of interconnecting the Sicilian territory with the European space.

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Incoming mobility

Since 2005, we have organized incoming mobility programs for students and staff of vocational training, higher education, and adult education, who choose to undertake a period of study or training in Sicily, particularly in Palermo.

The programs offered by Send are built on the needs of individual participants and in collaboration with sending schools and organizations, with particular attention to acquiring new skills, learning the Italian language, and personal and professional growth, as well as enhancing one’s intercultural sensitivity.

Send Mobility Consortium

Since 2015, we have been accredited by the National Agency INDIRE as a Mobility Consortium within the Erasmus+ Higher Education program.

Within the Consortium, which includes 13 Italian Universities and a private Foundation (garagErasmus), we allocate mobility scholarships for internships aimed at university students, recent graduates, and PhD students, and mobility scholarships for training aimed at teaching and non-teaching staff of the consortium IIS.

The outgoing mobility paths aim to support the personal and professional development of beneficiaries by increasing their employability and entrepreneurship, and, at the same time, to enrich the departure territories with specific and innovative skills in cutting-edge sectors and professions.

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Cooperation Projects

With the aim of creating strategic alliances at European and international level between public and private entities and actors in the world of work and training, we design and implement cooperation projects.

We consider cooperation projects as an opportunity to share expertise and know-how, to exchange good practices and innovative ideas in the fields in which we operate, in order to improve the daily work of our staff and to enrich the reference territories.