Guiding Towards Change

The ability of young people to make realistic choices in the immediate and in the future, to develop and mature a personal life project, depends on the development and consolidation of a series of cross-cutting self-orientation skills and authentic self-knowledge, as well as on a valid educational path, that values and continues to elevate the capabilities, interests, and attitudes of every student.

Guidance, therefore, is increasingly considered as a continuous educational process, to which the various non-formal and informal structures of the territory, as well as the different subsequent school grades, must contribute unitarily.

With schools

SEND supports primary and secondary schools, and CPIAs with guidance paths that include:

Workshops on cross-cutting skills for promoting self-orientation skills

Individual listening desks aimed at students

Informative meetings and support for educational or professional choices

Involvement and accountability of companies as actors of training

Individualized and paid school-work alternation paths

Meetings aimed at families

Training courses aimed at teachers on guidance techniques and guidance teaching

Differentiated educational kits for each level of education / training